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Richard is the CEO of the Human Origins Foundation and the author of a thought-provoking book series. He has a passion for the lost knowledge of our human origins throughout the cosmos, including extraterrestrial life, ancient astronauts, current affairs, and the human being’s place in the scheme of things.

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Richard Smith's talks take the audience on an educational and riveting journey through our evolving global society and the ever-vigilant galactic community as it relates to the human condition. His presentations allow the audience to explore ancient and modern narratives that have brought humanity to its present global state of critical mass. Using the cosmology of our solar system as a platform, topical subjects relating to current affairs are discussed to raise conscious awareness of our health and well-being as caretakers of the planet.

the human origins foundation Richard is an elected member of the Arts Commission for the City of Rio Rancho (District 2) and the owner of 11:22 Creative. As the author of a thought-provoking book series, he talks about ancient, historical, and extraterrestrial narratives influencing our society and culture, and the human being’s place in the scheme of things. Earning his degree in Visual Communications, he received high honors for his work with social and extraterrestrial narratives. As the co-founder and CEO of an educational nonprofit, Richard has spent the last ten years speaking at forums, seminars, and conference venues with engaging talks and life-changing perspectives.

Working on his next book, he currently resides in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, with his wife Linda, and serves with her on the executive committee for New Mexico's UFO and paranormal forum. You can visit their official site at

best-selling books by author richard smith

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Combining his passion for lost knowledge, global stewardship, and social justice with extraterrestrial intervention, ancient history, and alien contact, Richard Smith is best known for his trailblazing presentations on alien contact, the Moorish Legacy, human origins, and related matters. Spanning a cross-cultural spectrum, Smith’s lectures have inspired a wide range of people from multiple and diverse backgrounds, serving as a platform for raising global awareness beginning with Pat Marcattilio's 2005 Earth Mysteries and UFO/ET Conference in New Egypt, New Jersey.

Born in Tampa, Florida, Smith grew up in New York and began studying classical piano at the age of eleven. In his early teens, he continued to perform and compete in musical recitals, but his interests began moving in the direction of art and math, showing an unusually strong aptitude for both by his late teens. At the age of twenty-one, his childhood memories came to the forefront in an eruption of cognitive awareness towards unearthly paranormal experiences, something that would start him down the path of total recall as Richard was confronted with a major decision that would forever alter the course of his life. Would it be the painted canvas or the musical composition? At the flip of a coin, the artist won, and the musician receded into the background. The total recall he experienced represented his first major awakening and would reveal many secrets about his family’s lifelong connection to the arena of non-indigenous alien contact, as well as the grander scope of extraterrestrial intervention, past and present.

quote If there is to be a brave new world, we must explore the way forward by rediscovering our ancient legacy for a new generation.

- Richard Smith

An outspoken advocate for the victimized underdog and the marginalized experiencer, Smith studied art and design at New York State University, focusing his studies on how to turn the medium of visual and graphic arts into a voice for those that have no voice with underlying historical themes. In 1995, he came on the scene with his first solo exhibition, An Experiment in Humanity, at the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, located at the Old Westbury campus; he displayed his unique body of work including paintings, mixed-media sculpture, installation work, and brass etchings. The exhibition represented a social, cultural, and political perspective that had not been seen before. Its success gave birth to a new persona for Smith in the UFO, paranormal, and esoteric communities. On the night of the opening reception, a group of Asian businessmen was in attendance with members of the local news media carefully examining Smith's work with great enthusiasm. One of them looked at him and stated, 'you are the UFO teacher' and the name stuck. A year later, Smith adopted the term 'ufoteacher' as his online handle, username, and tag, making it the foundational platform for what would become his official brand logo, insignia, and website,

In 1996, he graduated with high honors receiving the Certificate of Achievement Award for Outstanding Achievement at New York State University for his dedicated work with Extraterrestrial Intervention and Alien Abduction Phenomena. After finishing his college studies, Smith began experimenting with new avenues of expression – poetry and prose – focusing on his own personal perspective as a central theme. With An Experiment in Humanity serving as the initial inspiration, Smith created an epic anthology of original and powerful free verse exposing his own intimate, enlightening and horrific experiences for the first time. Publishing the anthology in 1999 under the title Legions of Light / Armies of Darkness, it is an autobiographical account that ignited a revolution as a paranormal manifesto for the 21st Century. A 'must read' for all paranormal experiencers, it delves into extraterrestrial bloodlines, the age-old struggle for civil rights, and the raw passion of true love found amidst the backdrop of a hybrid war. Updated in 2005 with a special second edition, the book was published through Author House and is currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

best-selling books by author richard smith

11:22 Creative, branding, graphic design, content creation, web designUtilizing his skills in art and design, Smith created his own graphic design business. Twenty years of graphic design and customer service experience have given Smith the unique opportunity of working with a wide range of high-profile establishments including the New York Post, Publisher’s Clearinghouse, the Albuquerque Journal, and the prestigious Art League of Long Island, to name a few. Knowing print and web design go hand-in-hand, Smith pushed the business in the direction of online media venues for a digital marketing and social media presence with his wife and business partner, Linda Smith. By 2017, the business transformed into two new entities, Phoenix Publications II and 11:22 Creative – the graphic design, marketing, and publishing wings of the Human Origins Foundation.

Speaking publicly since the Nineties, Smith has presented his talks with various institutions, organizations, and media venues ranging from conference events, television, and radio to DVDs, virtual broadcasts, and YouTube seminars. Presenting an educational and riveting journey through the Moorish Legacy, our global society, the galactic community, and the Family of Man, Richard explores all things extraterrestrial, discussing the metaphoric, sociological, and historical symbolisms therein, and how they relate to the human condition.

quote I believe we must focus on the lost knowledge of where we come from before we can truly understand the ancient wisdom of where we are going on the path of our everyday lives.

- Richard Smith

One of his lectures, European Confessions of a Moorish Legacy, has remained a lightning rod of topical extraterrestrial discussion, circulating like wildfire in DVD format ever since its original presentation in 2007 at Temple University’s Pan-African Studies Community Education Program. Working with media host Curtis Davis, Smith aired a comprehensive six-part radio series live on Occult Science Radio in 2012, expanding on his earlier lecture at Temple University.

By the end of 2013, Richard began attracting international interest from Europe, Asia, and South America, while laying the groundwork for what would become the Human Origins Conference, an annual event revealing the fascinating realms of Earth's cosmology, human origins, ancient history, and lost wisdom. The Moorish Science Temple of America invited him to present his lecture in Toronto, Canada, at the Noble Drew Ali Day annual event in January 2014. In June of 2015, he became a member of the Executive Committee for the New Mexico UFO and Paranormal Forum. By September of that year, he would publish his second book, The Moor, the Mason, and the Alien: A Call to Action, and launch a new series, The Vaulted Journals of UFOteacher.

best-selling books by author richard smith

A visionary synthesis of alien contact, the Moorish Legacy, reincarnation, and human origins, The Moor, the Mason, and the Alien: A Call to Action engages the reader with a radically ambitious scope of knowledge and wisdom, putting us on track with a magnificent interstellar experience through the paranormal and extraterrestrial terrains of ancient history, psychology, economics, and current affairs. Ranging from the author's personal odyssey to the global issues we all face, Smith serves up 'a spiritual insurrection', an epic saga like no other representing the beginning of a new and riveting human adventure. The much-anticipated sequel, The Moor, the Mason, and the Alien Part II: A Vril Manifesto, was released in September of 2018. Picking up where its 2015 predecessor left off, A Vril Manifesto targets both modern and historical issues facing humanity here on Earth; current affairs, social conflicts, and political strife collide with ancient history, the Female Principle, and extraterrestrial contact.

Richard Smith is the CEO and Co-Founder of the Human Origins Foundation. He currently resides in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, with his wife Linda. Working on his next book, he has been presenting his talks internationally at discussion forums, educational seminars, conference events, workshops, and virtual events since 1996.

best-selling books by author richard smith

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